Dr. Martin Papillon
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Université de Montréal
Theme Co-Lead, Intergovernmental Relations and Multilevel Governance

Martin Papillon is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Université de Montréal, and Director of the Centre de Recherche sur les Politiques et le Développement Social (CPDS). His academic work focuses on Indigenous rights and self-determination in relation to Canadian federalism. In the context of this project, his is interested in the ways in which land claims and self-government agreements in northern Canada shape relations between orders of governments in Canada. He is also working on a comparative project on indigenous participation in natural resource extraction and the implementation of the principle of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC). He is the author of a number of journal articles and books on Land Claims Agreements and Indigenous politics in Canada more broadly. He also edited two volumes on the topic, Les Autochtones et le Québec: des premiers contacts au Plan Nord (Presses de l’Université de Montréal) and State of the Federation: Aboriginal Multilevel Governance in Canada (Queen’s Institute for Intergovernmental Relations).