November 20, 2018: Principal Investigator Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, Lands Theme Co-Lead John B. Zoe, Executive Director Tee Lim and Tłı̨cho Government staff met recently with Ted Hewitt (President, SSHRC), Ursula Gobel (Associate Vice-President, Future Challenges, SSHRC), Manon Tremblay (Director, Indigenous Research, SSHRC) and Alfred LeBlanc (Vice-President, Communications, Corporate and International Affairs Directorate, NSERC), as well as GNWT representatives to discuss the Tri-Council Indigenous research strategy. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Report in 2015, and in particular the Call to Action number 65 calling on SSHRC to establish a national research program to advance the understanding of reconciliation, Canada’s granting agencies are engaging with Indigenous organizations and researchers across the country, to identify new ways of doing research with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities, including strategies to grow the capacity of Indigenous communities to conduct research and partner with the broader research community. The Tri-Council representatives heard about the innovative research the Tłı̨cho Government is involved in including the Dedats'eetsaa: Tłı̨chǫ Research and Training Institute, the SSHRC-funded Modern Treaties Research Project, the CIHR-funded Hotıì ts'eeda: NWT SPOR Support Unit, and the Boots on the Ground Caribou monitoring program. Challenges around Indigenous self-governments such as the Tłı̨cho Government accessing research funds and other resources, support funds to cover research management and administration, and Institutional Eligibility were discussed, as well as broader issues around colonial history and legacies, and supporting and strengthening Indigenous community-based and community-driven research, particularly in the North.