A Research Assistant (RA) is required to work with the Principal Investigator and Secretariat of the Modern Treaties Implementation Research Project. Primary responsibilities will be to conduct research, interviews, and edit materials resulting in an edited volume on best practices in Modern Treaties in Canada. The RA will work with a small team, including directly with the Principal Investigator, for up to a two year term. It is the intention that the RA will co-author at least one chapter in the edited volume and will receive credit for doing so, and will participate in at least one scholarly conference to showcase their work.


1. Review of innovative governance practices of Indigenous governments including websites, studies, and papers as assigned by the PI, documenting:

· Unique governance and land claim implementation practices;

· Innovations in delivering programs and services to meet needs of Indigenous communities in Canada;

· Documentation of research undertaken to assist Indigenous governments to develop laws, programs, services and governance structures;

· Capacity building approaches being taken in Indigenous communities;

· Literature articulating unique issues facing Indigenous governments to implement treaties.

2. Specific assignments to ground interviews with modern treaty implementers, focusing on specific programs of modern treaty organizations;

3. Participating in and transcribing interviews conducted between research team and modern treaty implementation practitioners.

4. Co-authoring at least one chapter that will be published in the edited volume.


This project will span up to two years depending on the availability of the incumbent; and will commence upon hiring.


Research Assistants must be students, enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Canada. Applications should be sent to Genevieve.harrison@carleton.ca by February 28, 2021.